Reverse Horizon

by The Black Tubes

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First EP release by The Black Tubes.


released July 12, 2015

Lead vocals, Guitar, Lyrics, Bass - Pavel Balcarek
Vocals, Guitar, Percussions - Martin Dorazil
Vocals, Bass - Lukas Ryc
Drums - Marek Joey Plesnic

Special thanks go to Light & Love (Honza Balcarek, Lukas Balcarek), for help with vocals in several tracks.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Martin Dorazil



all rights reserved


The Black Tubes Czech Republic

The Black Tubes is a pop-rock-alt band, founded in 2014 by four friends around Novy Jicin/Valmez - Czech Republic. As each of us has different music taste, you can't be sure what next song is going to sound like. Imagine Radiohead meeting punk rock band from garage next door having a beer with Codplay - that could be one option of how do we sound like(Or how we wish to ). ... more

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Track Name: Pushing Myself
I’m the one who never stayed between
Me and all my neverending dreams
Willing to pay anything i said one time
to reach the heaven it’s my fucking line

One way or another I’m gonna take what’s mine
Yet I can’t push myself to do so
All the things i wanted to do are waiting there
forgotten and left behind, Yeaaaaah !!!

Shouting silent words into my brain
looks to me like only way to stay sane
But its the thing that does not last long
So I took all my shit and just went along
Track Name: Heart Beats
I'm tired of being something I'm not
Hope it's not all what i got
I know it's time to pretend
But i hope it's coming to end
I say

Don't board on that plane, it will take you
Don't board on that plane, it flies away

I don't like this real life game
Waiting for future all day
But it's not future, it's tomorrow
That makes you do the same

Let's get back to when we were pure all the time
Not thinking about how to best fit in line

Stay awake, Stay awake
Don’t let them be
Major force for eternity,
infinity, don’t you think that you should better…
Track Name: Little Chats
How you’re doing tonigt
Can we have a talk
Just a little chat about nothing real
Then go home
Do whatever we like to
Read a book with epic story
About loosers like we are maybe

And don’t you think it’s sad
Not to talk to you no more
You once said we really had
The thing everyone’s looking for

What about it
Well i think what has to be said
Is already tattoed
On back of my head
So just let it go
Nobody will care no more
Let it shine from brighter future
or sublime from the past you can’t forget

And don’t you think it’s sad
Not to talk to you no more
You once said we really had
The thing everyone’s looking for
Track Name: Woods
Where is my attitude, why's there just silence Is it all I need
No one can read my mind, but sadly me neither I wish i could
Seeking for eternity in bottle of red wine spilled all around
Searching and looking for, where is the end now, or we are already there.

Are we already there
Or we're just on the road
Is there a finish line
Or neverending way

Where is your teenage dream and why you are so sad, and settled with
All you have now around, even when it's not really bad, as you might think
Should we just rewind now and live it all again, all again
I'd like to replay too, but hey nevermind, nevermind

Are we already there
Or we're just on the road
But then with all good friends

Nonsense gonna take the part now
If you wanna join then turn the lights on
Let the party start, right in the night
Don't forget your smile to keep it right

Forget you were sad, forget you were dead
Now it comes to right time to make up all the bed

Grab you wine and grab you beer
Now it come to time to push away your fear

If the whole world gonna turn you down
You need to believe that
Everything that happened so far
Was really needed
Track Name: So Far So Good
Let's get back, let someone take it
Then you went to crack the dancefloors
Am I here now just to listen
What you die for every second
That thought was strong and we could keep it
For the world, you know we owned it
But then just in single minute
You were at the doors saying "sorry i can't"

And what now when I am sleeping on my back
Heavens are creeping
I can't choose and neither can you
What to lose if myself or you
Do you know how far is peace now
Where to get a place to hide
Before my demons steals the rest of life from
me and turn me into something I'm not

Long street lines that changed my mind again
Turned you from the stranger to my friend
I believe that this will never end
So don't be sad as i was back then